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Homework #14 (Grammar Diagnostic B + blog posting)

24 May

┬áComparing my results from “Grammar Diagnostic Test A” to “Grammar Diagnostic Test B” I have improved my previous grammatical errors. However, I noticed that my previous weaknesses have turned out to be my new strengths, and that my previous strengths have turned out to be my new weakness. I find that odd, but anyways there are also some parts where I have average the same. I am always willing to improve with my issues and practice always helps.

Throughout the semester I have noticed that the clarity of my writing has improved in every essay (for example, the development in┬ámy writing and the use of resources.),and I must thank that to the feedback that is given in every writing performance. I’ve always said feedback is great because it helps you improve the structure of your writing. Ways that can help me with the clarity in my writing can be by finding the right words because sometimes the first word that comes into mind isn’t that best one. Another thing can to avoid distractions while writing and simply re-read to make sure everything makes sense.

18 May