The Voice Of The Jury:

30 Apr

The debate of whether the internet should be regulated more or less by the U.S government last week went better than I expected. I really liked how both teams kept acknowledging each other’s viewpoints and kept it classy at all times. However, after reviewing my notes and considering both points closely, I came to the conclusion that the winner of this debate is the CON team for the following reasons. One, I felt like the CON team was a little more oriented with their stand point. Two, the tone of voice they presented their stand point was very engaging and was presented with great confidence to the audience. I really liked how the CON team explained the benefits of lack of regulation. For example, how it has helped the growth of many entrepreneurs and how it has given advancement in society. Three, they gave a more clear picture of how it would be if the internet was regulated more by bringing up China’s internet system and if the internet was more regulated it wouldn’t be used as a “getaway” because it would exaggeratedly monitored. Overall it was a great debate, props to both teams!


One Response to “The Voice Of The Jury:”

  1. eng1spr2012 May 13, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    Irma, can you present any specific evidence that the Con team presented to show that minimal regulation leads to economic growth? What kind of advancements in society can be attributed to an unregulated Internet? Is the Internet currently unregulated? Could the U.S., a democratic republic, end up in a situation like that of China, a communist society?

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