Homework # 8

2 Apr

In the article “Universal Health: It’s What Ails Us” by Doug Pibel and Sarah van Gelder emphasizes that universal healthcare in the United States is highly needed and that it. It is argued for the most part the uninsured are limited to medical coverage, they are being charged extra and that approximately 18,000 people die yearly due to the lack of services when medical could save them. In addition that not only are the uninsured people suffering, but business are as well due to the 73% premium increases. The authors point out, “In the United States, people without insurance may live with debilitating disease or pain, with conditions that prevent them from getting jobs or decent pay, putting many on a permanent poverty track. They have more difficulty managing chronic conditions—only two in five have a regular doctor—leading to poorer health and greater cost.” In other words the uninsured are not just having difficulty with getting healthcare, but they are also struggling getting decent jobs due to their depraved health conditions, which makes things worst. Lastly they endorse that Studies conducted by the General Accounting Office, the Congressional Budget Office, and various states have determined that a “universal, single-payer health care system would cover everyone—including the millions currently without insurance—and still save billions.”

The way I see it according to them having a universal, single payer healthcare system would be a win/win situation for the United States and the people. It would be a great advantage to the people who are really ill and cannot afford healthcare. Although, universal care will ensure equal care to all, I believe the government will endorse limits with treatments etc… which will lead to low quality healthcare.


One Response to “Homework # 8”

  1. eng1spr2012 April 8, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    Strong summary, Irma. I might complete the summary with a concluding sentence.

    Develop your refutation paragraph. In refutation your purpose is to show that your argument is superior to that of the opposition. You have briefly conceded that there are some benefits to universal health care. Develop your refutation at the end of the paragraph where you explain the negative effects of lower health care quality. Add support to back up and illustrate this claim.

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