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Geography of Bliss – Hwk # 2

27 Feb

While reading  “The Geography of Bliss” by Eric Weiner the passage that caught my attention is on page 3, “We speak of searching for happiness, of finding contentment , as if these were locations in an atlas, actual places that we could visit if only we had the proper map and the right navigational skills.” This makes me ponder how ironic it sounds to talk about happiness as if it was as simple to be found at a certain place. As a matter a fact we speak about happiness as if happiness was far away from one another when in reality it might be right in front of us.  It’s just a matter of taking good use of our surroundings.  Instead of complaining of our lack state of happiness and looking for happiness we should figure out how to make ourselves happy with what we have, appreciate it more. I also believe people who tend to “look” for happiness are not likely to be as happy, as the ones that don’t look for it because they have high expectations of happiness that when they reach it its not like they expected it. Just like the author Eric Hoffer emphasizes “The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness.”(4)


Two things I love.

23 Feb

Two things I love.

Music & Basketball.

Hello world!

23 Feb

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Im Irma.Who? Irma! Who?

23 Feb

Where are you from? Where did you grow up? Tell me your “story.”

I am from Los Angeles,California, but I come from a Mexican (Dad) & Salvadorian (Mom) Family. I grew up in Southern California. In a neighborhood called, “University Park” which is two streets down from USC. I’ve been living there my whole life. To be exact 20 years and counting. I live with my parents and my older brother. A lot of people don’t know this, but I have 2 other siblings ( an older older brother and an older sister). I graduated in 2009, from a very small school that goes by the name of Orthopaedic Hospital Magnet High School. To those who are curious where its at, it is right next to LATTC (Trade Tech). My former school has only two buildings (The “A” building and the “B” building), followed by a small quad area. Till this day I thank my mom for forcing me to attend to this school. I spent 4 of the most beautiful years of my life in that little place. Always & forever VIPER pride!

Random facts:

I am an avid basketball fan. I absolutely LOVE the Lakers, and I LIKE the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Derek Fisher is my favorite favorite basketball player. I know in somebody’s head there’s a thought flowing saying, “He’s old. He sucks. He should retire.” Well guess what he’s not going anywhere just yet! lol

Ludacris is my favorite rapper.

I love music. I am mostly a fan of reggaeton music, but I listen to a little bit of everything.

I enjoy going to concerts.

The beach soothes my soul.

My favorite social network is Twitter. (I remember being sent to Twitter jail about three times back in the day when I was addicted to tweeting. It was terrible.)

What is your major, and why did you choose it?

I am still undecided on my major, but its between Communications and Broadcasting. They’re both very similar in terms of the field work just that Communications has more career options. To be honest, at this point in my life I just know my ultimate dream is to work for the entertainment industry. Specifically in the Latin market. I would say I’ve had this dream ever since I was small, but it wasn’t until 2008, when it really caught my attention. During my sophomore year of High school I got to experience how things worked behind cameras (I got to see how a show was put together, what were the duties of the hosts, the floor manager, the director etc. ), by being part of the audience for a show called, “Vivo” that aired on the Spanish network “Mun2”. I was part of the audience for about 2 years and a half and I must say I had the best time of my life there. I always felt at home and like I belonged there. Eventually the TV personalities, Yasmin and Renato along with the some of the production team ended up knowing who I was. They would greet me, hug me and talk to me when they were on stand by. I remembering feeling special every time. Furthermore, I still yet, have to experience how things behind the booth in a radio station works though. I just know this whole idea of being surrounded and working with famous people, managing/promoting artists, hosting a show etc. is absolutely fascinating to me. I don’t know how, nor do I know when will this happen, but I do know I won’t stop till this triggering feeling inside of me tells me, “Irma,You made it!”

In five years I see myself with a B.A, successful, working in the entertainment industry.