Extra Credit: Twitter

3 Jun

RE: what does it mean to be put in Twitter jail? I honestly don’t understand Twitter. What is it about that particular social network that appeals to you? Please persuade me that it is a worthwhile tool. You could even write a one-page argument defending Twitter as an extra credit assignment if you like.


Twitter: An information network. Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply find the accounts you find most compelling and follow the conversations. At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called Tweets. Each Tweet is 140 characters long, but don’t let the small size fool you—you can discover a lot in a little space. You can see photos, videos and conversations directly in Tweets to get the whole story at a glance, and all in one place. (twitter.com)

I was introduced to Twitter in 2009 during the time MySpace was deceasing, and Facebook was reaching the mountain peak. One of my friends joined Twitter during that time and constantly kept saying how cool twitter was and insisted me to join. I eventually ended up joining Twitter, however I did not use it often since I found complicated. After I got the hang of it I seriously became addicted to Twitter, I just couldn’t get off Twitter! Since I didn’t have internet access on my phone back then, I activated the text notifications so I was literally tweeting via text all day just random stuff. This is where Twitter jail comes along. I was not aware each user had a limit of 100 tweets per hour, if you surpass 100 tweets within an hour you’re sent to Twitter jail which basically means you are not allowed to tweet till the next hour or so. I was sent to twitter jail a few times especially during the Lakers game I would seriously tweet play by play it was terrible. I would get this anxiety not being able to tweet that’s how bad it was, but after time I got over it and calmed my tweeting.

This social network appeals to me in a variety of ways such as, it has helped build networks, made new friends, ways to interact with your favorite celebrities, and has definitely turned out to be my source for current news (“breaking news”).Twitter has turned out to be a great source for me to network, I’ve luckily been able to meet great people in the industry who have in a way mentored me in my career of choice by giving me advice and support. I’ve also built great friendships with people that share same interest with me, whether its basketball, music, or whatever I’ve met awesome people not only from LA from almost all over the world. It’s kind of cool if you ask me! Another reason is that I can interact with my favorite celebrities and know what they’re up to. I’ve died a couple of times when my all-time favorites have replied back to me like Derek Fisher (former Lakers, who now plays for OKC Thunder) and Ludacris that’s just to name of a few. Lastly, Twitter is the place to get your news from. I warn you though it can be a TV/MOVIE spoiler since people from the East usually get priority because of the time difference they will spill the beans in a tweet. I can almost guarantee that you will find something out first on Twitter before it’s actually announced on national TV.

Thus far, If you’re looking for a place to entertain yourself, get news, build networks, make friends, promote, or whatever you name it by all means Twitter is the place to be. It’s like that place that has no boundaries and allows you to interact with people from all over the world. Overall it’s a pretty interesting social network; you can expect the unexpected there. Join if you haven’t done so already, explore the world of twitter 🙂


Homework #14 (Grammar Diagnostic B + blog posting)

24 May

 Comparing my results from “Grammar Diagnostic Test A” to “Grammar Diagnostic Test B” I have improved my previous grammatical errors. However, I noticed that my previous weaknesses have turned out to be my new strengths, and that my previous strengths have turned out to be my new weakness. I find that odd, but anyways there are also some parts where I have average the same. I am always willing to improve with my issues and practice always helps.

Throughout the semester I have noticed that the clarity of my writing has improved in every essay (for example, the development in my writing and the use of resources.),and I must thank that to the feedback that is given in every writing performance. I’ve always said feedback is great because it helps you improve the structure of your writing. Ways that can help me with the clarity in my writing can be by finding the right words because sometimes the first word that comes into mind isn’t that best one. Another thing can to avoid distractions while writing and simply re-read to make sure everything makes sense.

18 May


The Voice Of The Jury:

30 Apr

The debate of whether the internet should be regulated more or less by the U.S government last week went better than I expected. I really liked how both teams kept acknowledging each other’s viewpoints and kept it classy at all times. However, after reviewing my notes and considering both points closely, I came to the conclusion that the winner of this debate is the CON team for the following reasons. One, I felt like the CON team was a little more oriented with their stand point. Two, the tone of voice they presented their stand point was very engaging and was presented with great confidence to the audience. I really liked how the CON team explained the benefits of lack of regulation. For example, how it has helped the growth of many entrepreneurs and how it has given advancement in society. Three, they gave a more clear picture of how it would be if the internet was regulated more by bringing up China’s internet system and if the internet was more regulated it wouldn’t be used as a “getaway” because it would exaggeratedly monitored. Overall it was a great debate, props to both teams!


Tupac’s Hologram @ Coachella 2012

17 Apr

This is not related to the course at all, but I just had to share it. Everyone on twitter was talking about this Sunday night, this seriously took over the social networks. I am seriously speechless, this whole hologram thing is legit. It’s insane!!

Homework # 8

2 Apr

In the article “Universal Health: It’s What Ails Us” by Doug Pibel and Sarah van Gelder emphasizes that universal healthcare in the United States is highly needed and that it. It is argued for the most part the uninsured are limited to medical coverage, they are being charged extra and that approximately 18,000 people die yearly due to the lack of services when medical could save them. In addition that not only are the uninsured people suffering, but business are as well due to the 73% premium increases. The authors point out, “In the United States, people without insurance may live with debilitating disease or pain, with conditions that prevent them from getting jobs or decent pay, putting many on a permanent poverty track. They have more difficulty managing chronic conditions—only two in five have a regular doctor—leading to poorer health and greater cost.” In other words the uninsured are not just having difficulty with getting healthcare, but they are also struggling getting decent jobs due to their depraved health conditions, which makes things worst. Lastly they endorse that Studies conducted by the General Accounting Office, the Congressional Budget Office, and various states have determined that a “universal, single-payer health care system would cover everyone—including the millions currently without insurance—and still save billions.”

The way I see it according to them having a universal, single payer healthcare system would be a win/win situation for the United States and the people. It would be a great advantage to the people who are really ill and cannot afford healthcare. Although, universal care will ensure equal care to all, I believe the government will endorse limits with treatments etc… which will lead to low quality healthcare.


It’s all over campus now!

26 Mar

It's all over campus now!